Routines for Learning


As students begin new lessons they start by participating in warm-up routines.  These routines are consistent sets of questions and conversation that provide a predictable entry or new mathematical content. The students can relax because they are comfortable with the expectations.  This allows the to focus on the math they are thinking about as it changes from unit to unit.  A variety of routines will be posted here over the school year so you may have a window into the kinds of conversations we have at school.



Click on the link below to see an example of a Which One Doesn’t Belong primary grade warm-up routine in Classkick.  You don’t need a code, just enter a name. This platform works best using Chrome.


Which One Doesn’t Belong  

Family Guide to Warm-up Routines


The following file gives descriptions and examples of the specific warm-up routines that students experience as part of each lesson. 


Sometimes, when we are presenting information virtually, we share these warm-ups as independent work students can do at home to prepare for the next lessons, or to practice something they have already learned. Students have experienced these routines in their classrooms, so they should be familiar and comfortable for them.


Family Guide to IM K-5 Routines

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